Monday, January 28, 2013

New Team Prepares to Set Out for Kaihura

A new team is about to set out for Kaihura, Uganda on January 30th on a medical mission in partnership with Bringing Hope to the Family and Know.Think.Act. The objectives of their mission include providing culturally sensitive health care to those that do not have access as well as building relationships with villagers and developing a mutual cross-cultural, global health understanding. 

The team will achieve these objectives by conducting multiple mobile clinics in villages throughout the Kyenjojo District and surrounding area, provide health workshops and hang mosquito nets, during home visits. The team will also participate in the start up and dedication of a permanent clinic in Kaihura staffed by Ugandans.

Kaihura Medical Team 2013

The team from left to right: Rich DiBella (Physician Assistant), Deb Adey (Physician),Chris Pineda (Nurse), John-Paul Farsight (Construction Manager), Alecia Hanson (Nurse), Peg Freitag (Nurse), Karen Natsuhara (Nurse Practitioner), Mariah Teeter (EMT), Cheryl Patzer (Nurse), Carolyn Cook (Nurse), Pamela Mendoza (Pharmacist), Larisa Krichun (Nurse), Kat Haight (Pharmacist), Joy Vongspanich (Pharmacist)
Not in picture: Nick Nowak (Pharmacist)