Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last Days In Uganda

After our fourth outreach the team spent Saturday, February 9, on Safari. We saw Uganda's natural beauty in both the majestic scenery and fascinating wildlife. We also had an extremely rare sighting of a leopard and cub.

Now the team is splitting up and headed our different ways. Pam, Nick, and Kat are staying in Uganda an extra week to continue medical work, follow up with some patients from the outreaches, and continue to learn about Uganda. Others are headed to a variety of locations and most are headed straight back to California.

The team developed strong personal bonds and collaborative working partnerships. We all look forward to reuniting back in California and sharing our lessons and experiences with our families back home.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Outreach 4: Butiti

Our fourth outreach, February 8, was in a prison and church on the town of Butiti. The morning was spent treating and giving HIV tests to 60 prisoners. After that we opened the clinic in the town center in the afternoon. We saw 114 patients in town.

Outreach 3: Nyamba

Our third outreach, February 7, was in a town called Nyamba which is one hour away from Kaihura. It is far away from any main transportation arteries or clinics along a road in poor condition. A significant portion of the patient population are refugees from Rwanda who have settled in this isolated valley. We treated 175 patients in Nyamba.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kaihura, Day Two

Our second outreach, February 6, was also in Kaihura. Some systems were changed in multiple areas including registration, triage, and lab. These changes, along with ongoing team bonding and cohesion allowed for better operational flow and patient comfort. This also enabled the team to see and treat over 240 patients.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our First Clinic Outreach

Our first clinic outreach, February 5, was in Kaihura, the town where Bringing Hope is centered. The team saw 207 patients and performed 82 HIV tests. It was a learning experience in inter-cultural medicine as providers learned to adjust their questions to cultural concepts and local health literacy.

Please Also Follow the Sasser's Blog

The Sasser's, the wonderful missionary couple with our partner organization Know.Think.Act also have a blog and post great information and pictures. I would recommend that you also check it out. The address are and

Our First Day In the Field

Our third day, February 3rd, was spent out in the field. Our team of pharmacists spent the day at the clinic for a distribution of HIV medication and consulting with patients in HIV treatment.

The rest of the team went on home visits to a cluster of remote homes. On these visits the team set ip malaria nets, provided consultations and identified two malaria cases.

The evening was spent completing the sorting and preparation of the medicines for the outreach.