About Us

At a glance

The Uganda Support Mission blog reflects the efforts and experiences of a group of individuals coming together to help build a stronger community in Western Uganda. 


1. Improve the health and well-being of the community by collaborating with and educating local nurses and clinic staff in providing medical services and treatment to village inhabitants.

2. Enrich the experiences and broaden the perspectives of the American nursing team by providing them with a unique cultural immersion.

Who we are

Uganda Support Mission was founded by Alecia Hanson, a San Francisco Bay Area native and UCLA graduate with a Masters degree in nursing. This is Hanson's fourth trip to Uganda. She started with a small group of nursing students from UCLA; now she has a team of twenty people, and the group is growing. We currently have several nursing students and graduates, a certified nurse with over 16 years of clinical experience, a construction manager to launch the development of BHTTF's second orphanage and a journalist to document and deliver the group’s efforts. 

What we do

We focus on maternal health, sanitation, and treatment and care of patients with HIV/AIDs and other threatening diseases and illnesses.

To see us in action, below is a video from the UCLA nursing team's trip to Buseesa in December 2010. 

How we do it

We are able to do what we do thanks to the unrelenting support by our nationwide community. Specifically, we would like to thank Global Support Mission, Bringing Hope to the Family, Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Mission Beyond Saint Matthew, McKesson Corporation, UCLA School of Nursing, and all of our hard-working team members. 

For volunteer opportunities, contact Alecia Hanson at AleciaHanson@gmail.com 

Bringing Hope to the Family's programs continually need funding. To donate, click here.

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  1. Hey there - was looking through your blog and your videos on youtube. My daughter used to live at Home Again orphanage. Would love to know if you have more photos of her! Please email me at kodapf (at) gmail.com