Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Culture Bytes

Day 6  – Dec. 8 

You want me to pee in that?

If you are invited to tea, you go to tea; if you go to tea, you drink the tea.

Internet? Good luck.

Myzungus (white-skinned foreigners) are a blessing—a symbol of good fortune.

Beer is cheap. Very cheap.

Greetings with passersby usually go like this:

            “Owah yoo!”
            “Hello, I’m good, how are you?”
            “I’m fine owah yoo!”

Meal #1: beans, rice, potatoes, cabbage.

Meals #2 - present: beans, rice, potatoes, cabbage.

Haven’t ridden a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) yet. Must get over fear of death first.

You think your church service is long? 

Colors: stunning

Still not understanding the appeal of fried grasshoppers.

Kids love—love—getting their pictures taken.

Life is slow: stand and stand, sit and sit; stand and stand, sit (and sit).

Green green green green green.

More people go barefoot than not.

As I mentioned before: shock absorbers? Anyone? Anyone?

One word: self-sufficiency.

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