Sunday, December 25, 2011

Home again.

Most of the team has left Uganda and safely arrived in the United States just in time for Christmas, after nearly a month of volunteer work among communities in need in Western Uganda. For those UCLA nurses who stayed to continue their trip until after Christmas, Happy Holidays and we wish you a safe journey onward!

The unrelenting dedication, effort, love and gratitude I've witnessed over the last several weeks among the American team and the Ugandan people has been both astonishing and humbling. I hope we left a mark on their lives and their hearts, for they surely left one on ours.

A big thank you to Global Support MissionBringing Hope to the Family, and The Sisters of Notre Dame for their hospitality and selflessness.

Alecia Hanson and I will be planning a presentation of the trip at Saint Matthew Lutheran Church sometime in January, so stay tuned for details on that.

Also, congratulations to Alecia on her job offer as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at UC Davis Medical Center! That girl deserves it.

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