Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Medical outreach (still missing those shock absorbers...)

Day 5 - Dec. 7th

On Wednesday the team completed its first outreach in the Nyaibanda village about an hour outside of Kaihura.

They consulted a total of 125 patients and tested for malaria, syphilis and HIV. 

30 tested for malaria: 5 positive
17 tested for syphilis: 3 positive
31 tested for HIV: 2 positive

 Mama Lynda and Katie set up the blood drawing station 

Alecia registers patients

Amy interviews patients

 Gorret (midwife at Home Again Medical Clinic) conducts patient counseling

Mama Lynda, Katie and Adolph prepare a blood test for a patient

“I saw a boy in line starting to throw up,” Alecia says. She quickly approached him and pulled him to the front of the line to be tested for malaria. Malaria tests usually take 15 minutes to process; his immediately showed up as positive. They gave him medication right away. 

“All we had was an empty mountain dew bottle,” she says, "so we filled it and gave him the pills." They monitored him for the rest of the day to make sure he was ok. 

"He found me later to thank me," she says, "and handed me the empty bottle."


 Muda (driver) rigs a temporary fix for our broken axel...

Hitchhiking... (why are you smiling?)

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