Saturday, December 17, 2011

Photos from Buseesa Outreaches

Our daily landscape

Brittany conducting patient assessments at the triage station

Melinda drawing blood 

Miki chatting with her patient, about to draw blood

The team winding down after a hard day's work with dinner and Ugandan beer

Alecia and Adolf, self-explanatory

"People have been really appreciative,” Alecia says. "We’ve cleared up a lot of myths and misconceptions about STDs, especially syphilis."

Some locals performing for the team

Mama Lynda, merry as usual

Drum performance

Mama Lynda greeting a child in line

Blood drawing station, where we test for HIV, typhoid, malaria, syphilis, STIs, urinalysis, pregnancy, and blood sugar

Alecia discussing logistics with Father Godfrey

Suzy consulting a patient with her Ugandan translator

Caroline drawing blood

People waiting to be seen

Carlo and Amy consulting with patients

The ultimate Indiana Jones experience

Alecia at triage

Late night pill-packing parties in the convent

Squeezing 20 people in the back of a pickup truck, twice a day everyday

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  1. Awesome pictures! We are praying for you all!


    Katie A. (Alecia's BFF)!