Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hope Again Medical Clinic

Bringing Hope to the Family's Hope Again Medical Clinic provides medical services to an average of 330 patients per month. The American team consults with the clinic staff most afternoons after the outreaches. We have also donated a centrifuge for the lab, a fetal monitor and a baby scale, and have provided instruction to the staff on how to use them.  

Faith (left, not Faith Kunihira) deals with HIV/AIDS patients

Amy and Joseph (clinical officer)

The team and several clinic staff members

Clinic beds


Adolph (lab technician) drawing blood from an HIV+ woman

Amy and Simon (nurse) reviewing a clinic report

 HIV/AIDS patients waiting to pick up ARVs (anti-retrovirals)

Remember her?--

--She came to the clinic (with her daughter) to get tested for HIV as suggested during our first outreach. She was negative.

Joseph (clinical officer/P.A.)

Peter (Faith's younger brother) discussing with the female team members (when questioned) male attitudes toward sex, birth control, HIV prevention, marriage and infidelity

Fetal monitor brought by Mama Lynda

Fetal monitor in action with pregnant patient, Mama Lynda, Alecia and Gorret (midwife) 

Peter and Andrea 

Stains used for microscope use

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