Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mosquito net outreach #2

On Thursday the team completed its second mosquito net outreach, this time at a different village 10 minutes up the road. We visited 6 houses and set up a total of 20 nets. 

Thanks to the van's axel blowout, we had to take boda bodas. I rode with 2 other people on one of these and wanted to cry. (The way back, with only 1 other person, was less frightening. Enjoyable even.)

 The team gearing up for the ride

Mama Lynda thinking this will save her should the boda boda malfunction

Typical house in "the bush"

Neighborhood kids gather for the American team's arrival

Amy and Moses (a Ugandan who works for Global Support Mission) showing how it's done


A grandmother of a family we visited

A mother who led us to each house, and who Amy consulted for bronchitis

 Mangos swatted from the family's tree

A kid from the village helping the team carry mosquito nets

Amy checking an elder woman for possible pneumonia 

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