Friday, December 9, 2011

Mosquito net outreach #3

Day 7 - Dec. 9

On Friday the team completed its third mosquito net outreach to several houses within BHTTF's family sustainability network, which serves the families of 3,000 children in the district of Kyenjojo. The program, started in 2009, provides certain essential resources, goods and agricultural training to families in rural areas needed to help establish their independence and sustain a livelihood. Among these services are ensuring a clean water source, donating farm animals and crops, installing iron sheets on roofs to rainproof houses, setting up mosquito nets around beds and providing medical care. 

We visited 3 houses and set up a total of 9 mosquito nets, and also followed up with several sick children who we saw during our previous outreach. We didn't have the appropriate medical supplies to treat these children last time but we made sure to come back with a mobile pharmacy (see below).

Faith's 14-seater (not 8-seater, my mistake) van

 Mobile pharmacy and mosquito nets on a boda boda. Very safe.

 Amy conducting a medical exam on a 4-year-old girl with an upper respiratory infection

 Mobile pharmacy in full force, including but not limited to de-worm pills, cough medicine, antibiotics, anti-fungals, pain relievers and vitamins

Mama Lynda administering de-worm pills to an entire family

 Moses hanging mosquito nets

 Alecia preparing perscriptions

 Mama Lynda and Rachel getting up close and personal on a boda boda

A mother of 9 

Mama Lynda and Alecia holding twins

A group prayer for peace and good health

To help BHTTF's family sustainability programs, click here

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