Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"The farm visit" or "How I began to miss shock absorbers"

Day 3 – Dec. 5 

On Monday our team drove 20 minutes in Faith’s 8-seater van to the Kyongera village to visit BHTTF’s 15-acre farm. I’m fairly certain I caught air 4 times on the ride there.

Faith’s brother gave us a walking tour, pointing out the various crops as we walked by: pineapple, Irish potatoes, mint, soybeans, carrots, avocados, coffee beans, yams, green beans, bananas, papayas, corn, eggplant, etc. This is where they grow all of the food used to feed the American teams and all the employees of BHTTF.



Irish potatoes


The farm is also home to BHTTF’s Dorcas Vocational School, where students learn crafts and trades, including agriculture.

Dorcas outhouse

Dorcas kitchen

On the ride back, I forgot mostly about the bumping around part. But I did sit next to a live chicken.

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