Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello, Busesa!

Day 12 – De. 14th

On Tuesday the team left Kaihura and drove to Busesa to continue the second part of our medical mission. We met up with the 13-member team of UCLA undergraduate and graduate nursing students and are all staying with the Sisters of Notre Dame (not at all connected with Bringing Hope to the Family).

Our housing is more like a hostel than a compound: three large connected bedrooms each with 4 sets of bunkbeds, so 8 beds each, and bathrooms/showers on each end. (Indoor bathrooms! Running water! Showerheads! Porcelain toilets! We are in heeeaaveeeen.)

We completed our first outreach on Tuesday in the village of Kitengeto. We cleared out the St. Peter Catholic Church and set up several stations that would serve a total of 219 people over 8 hours: registration, triage, patient consults, physical examinations, blood drawing, laboratory, patient counseling, and pharmacy.


HIV: 4 out of 106 positive

We also tested for Malaria, typhoid, and syphillis.

We were exhausted by the end of the day and had to start turning people away at 5 p.m., otherwise we would have been there all night. I have so many beautiful photos of our team and the Ugandans but sadly cannot upload all of them due to the lousy internet connection. But I hope you enjoy the select ones I am able to post. 

We will be going to medical outreaches nearly everyday until the end of our stay here.

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