Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mosquito net outreach

Day 4 –  Dec .6

Several years ago BHTTF completed a wide distribution of mosquito nets to Kaihura and throughout the surrounding villages in an effort to reduce the spread of malaria—an easily preventable and curable disease that kills hundreds of Ugandans, especially children, each year. The problem was, as Chris points out, that many of these families who received the nets either weren’t using them properly (they must be tucked under the mattress, or be long enough to reach the floor), weren’t using them at all, or chose to sell or trade them.

In an effort to make the nets more effective, the Sassers decided to personalize the project: go door-to-door and hang the nets themselves.

Tuesday afternoon our team embarked on one of these mosquito net outreaches. We drove to the Kagorogoro center with the area’s pastor, John, who served as a translator. We visited 4 houses and hung a total of 10 mosquito nets around beds of the families, concluding each visit with a prayer for peace and good health.

At each house, Amy led a series of medical checks on several children experiencing some type of malady: persistent coughs, headaches, bellyaches, fatigue, mouth sores and possible parasites.

For one 18-year-old girl, pictured here, Amy and the medical team suspected evidence of anemia and HIV and strongly suggested that she visit to the Hope Again Medical Clinic, even offering to reimburse her for her travel costs. 

Chris leads a prayer for a family suspicious of being victim of a witchcraft curse

A close-up of the village's common housing structure: bamboo, wood, (twine?) and red clay/mud

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